Cattle Ranch in Santa Margarita, CA

Carrizo Cattle Ranch is an ecologically conscious ranch that focuses on not only raising cattle humanely and without any harmful chemicals or hormones, but we also care about the Carrizo Plains and the sustainability of the land here. Owned and managed by Dr. Michael Dennis, DVM, Dr. Dennis has decades of veterinary experience under his belt to help ensure that our cattle are well cared for. This makes for a better life for our cattle, as well as a superior final product for you, the consumer.

Whether you’re a small store looking to stock local, grass-fed beef, or you’re a chain of stores looking to purchase large quantities of beef, Carrizo Cattle Ranch has what you need!

Cattle Ranch in Santa Margarita, CA

About Us


Why Choose Us?

All Natural Beef

Our cattle are 100% all natural, grass finished & fed beef.

No Harmful Chemicals or Additives

At Carrizo Cattle Ranch, we do not use any GMOs, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides or synthetic materials in the development of our land or in any of the feed our cattle consume.

Veterinarian Care

Our cattle are raised and cared for by an experienced large animal veterinarian with decades of experience in providing other cattle and farm owners with the knowledge to allow their animals to live long and healthy lives.

Environmentally Conscious

Our focus isn't only to naturally raise healthy cattle, but our impact on the land is important as well. At Carrizo Cattle Ranch, we pride ourselves on using ecologically sound and sustainable memthods to reduce our impact and help the land continue to thrive. Dr. Dennis has been awarded the Conservationist of the Year Award on 2020 by the California Rangeland Trust.